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Your Best Friend In a Medical Emergency.

How COHUM was born

Meenal, Founder and CEO.

COHUM was created to answer a real need for a real person.  During one of her regular early morning walks in her usual neighborhood lanes one day, my mother fell down and could not get up. She hurt her mouth in the process. The swelling in her lips and the obvious shock had left her unable to speak clearly. Still, she was luckily conscious tried calling home on her mobile phone, but got no answer. Family members were either away from the phone, or still asleep.

Blood thinners prevented her cuts from clotting and so the blood did not stop dripping. After a while, a passerby finally helped her home.

This got us thinking… What if she was not able to speak at all? What if she was unconscious? What if her mobile was stolen? She had not taken her purse - so she did not have any ID; a common theme among early morning walkers. What if the passerby had taken her to the hospital without any identification or information?

We needed something that would be with her at all times. Something which is not hidden away in a stealable purse or mobile. Something that would be accessible to people who want to help. Also, a phone number to call, which would be definitely answered at any time day or night, to send help and notify relatives.

A ‘virtual assistant’, so to speak, who could send her detailed medical history to doctors within minutes. (In this way, the most appropriate treatment can be given as fast as possible.)

To answer all these queries, COHUM was born. This is COHUM'S story. It was born out of love and respect for the dignity of our people. It is born in, and customized to the peculiarities and advantages unique to the Indian soil.

Whatever your unique situation may be, you will find a friend in COHUM.


COHUM is a Sanskrit word that means "Who am I". Thus COHUM provides personal identification and emergency medical information services. COHUM is your digital next-of-kin that you can rely on to speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself in an emergency medical situation. We help ensure your medical history is available to the medical staff within minutes no matter where you are. We are in the business of helping save lives in the golden hour following a medical emergency.

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