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Your Best Friend In a Medical Emergency.


Worried about your loved ones going out by themselves in this unstable world? You can rely on COHUM. We believe that there are good people in this world who want to help others in an emergency. But most of the time, they do not know what to do! COHUM is the answer. COHUM makes sure that you can be identified and provides your most critical medical history. This way help can be organized immediately.

COHUM is worth its weight in gold, but we have made it into a stainless steel ID (so it is not a steal-worthy piece, unlike wallets and phones).

Do you have a trusted person to call in an emergency? Will they pick up a call from an unknown number at time of the day, especially when they are busy? At COHUM, that is our job. We have a 24x7 hotline to take calls from Good Samaritans or Medical Facilities and help them to help you.

Our singular goal is to reduce TIME-TO-TREATMENT. We do everything possible to try to ensure that victims of medical emergencies receive appropriate treatment as quickly as possible - within the so-called golden hour.

  • Victims of medical emergency are unable to speak for themselves.
  • Medical history of victims is usually not available in a timely manner to ER doctors.
  • Mobile phones and wallets/ purses are frequently separated from the victims (e.g.: due to theft, accidents, forgetfulness).