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Your Best Friend In a Medical Emergency.

Give the Gift that keeps on giving. Give the Gift of COHUM!

COHUM is for everybody. From experience, we know that as soon as people hear about COHUM for the first time, they immediately think about someone who would greatly benefit from having such a ‘friend in need’. This is exactly why we created the Gift of COHUM.

You know how everyone is always searching for the perfect gift. Something that is useful, at the same time it says that you care? Well, look around no more. You’ve met COHUM. COHUM is the Gift that keeps on giving. It says that you care. It says that you care enough to think about providing them with a Friend even when you are not around.

The Gift of COHUM is available in any amount you wish from Rs 500 onwards.

For example, you want to give Person A, an amount of Rs 4000. Any or all of his family can get any COHUM product they choose. Rs 4000 will be deducted from their total bill.

The Specifics:

New User? To give the Gift of COHUM, click on the Sign Up link on the right of the top menu bar.

Already signed up? After verification, you can Log-in and you will see the Member Dashboard. Simply choose the "Give a Gift" option from the left menu bar and you can start adding your Giftees (=People you wish to give the Gift of COHUM).