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Your Best Friend In a Medical Emergency.


COHUM has come up with innovative products to cater to a variety of needs and preferences.

The COHUM ID pendant:

Made of Stainless Steel and laser-engraved with critical info, this COHUM ID pendant comes with a black rubber silencer. The COHUM ID pendant is currently available at a low price of ₹ 750.


The COHUM ID bracelet:

This cool bracelet is made of Silicone with a Stainless Steel ID sleeve. It comes in two varieties, Single Clasp and Double Clasp. Each variety is available in two colors, Royal Blue and standard black. All bracelet IDs are available for only ₹ 1000.


The COHUM ID eyelet:

Our Stainless Steel ID sleeve is mounted on this innovative eyelet which can be inserted onto watch straps, helmet straps or even shoe laces. Comes in a cool glow-in-the-dark neon green or standard black color. The eyelet ID is also available at a low price of ₹ 750.


How to wear / Assembling your COHUM ID: