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Your Best Friend In a Medical Emergency.


Classic COHUM Service Description

COHUM’S Classic Service is a basic service offering. Classic Service Members enjoy the following features.

Classic COHUM ID - The accompanying picture shows the Classic COHUM ID. The Classic COHUM ID is customized for you with your name. It has the number of your emergency contact. A unique identifier is allocated to you, which is displayed on the front of the ID just below the COHUM logo. Note: We recommend that your emergency contact should be someone other than your immediate family member.

The reverse side of the ID includes your personal medical profile. This vital information helps the ER doctors to quickly determine the most appropriate treatment for you. By providing this information to the ER Staff you have saved a significant amount of time in terms of starting your treatment.

How COHUM Classic Service Works? Good Samaritans or doctors can call the number of your emergency contact engraved on the Classic ID. ER doctors can expedite treatment decisions specifically for you because of the information on the COHUM Classic ID. We fully expect that this will go a long way to ensure your rapid recovery and return to family.

COHUM ID Return Service - Medical conditions can change at any time. Sometimes new conditions may need to be included on the COHUM ID. This means you will need a new COHUM ID. You may purchase a new Classic COHUM ID or upgrade to Premium COHUM ID. Your old COHUM ID is no more useful. We recommend that you return your old ID so that your identity and medical information remains private. We also want to ensure that your ID is not misused if it falls in wrong hands. COHUM will ensure a safe and proper disposal of your old Classic ID. This is our own way of supporting the Swach Bharat Mission.

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